Our Customers

Our Customers

Einav Technologies operates many years in Israel and specializes in providing tailor made projects and appliances that answer unique air treatment challenges in storage spaces, cooling rooms and production lines. Among them: drying chambers, environmental chambers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, cooling systems, ultra-low temperature freezers etc. Einav Technologies team of highly qualified and very experienced engineers, technicians and service personnel are all with extensive industrial and military background. Einav employs a staff of sales engineers who are very well known and appreciated in several of industries.

Einav's service & maintenance support department is well known for its quality and professionalism.

Einav is ISO9001 qualified since 2011 and a registered supplier of Ministry of defense.

Sales & Marketing

EINAV Technologies' mission is full customer satisfaction – Our Company provides our customers with complete solution packages that meet their needs of air treatment challenges.

Our professional field force enables us to cover both small and large market segments.

EINAV Technologies has expanded its distribution activities and it's cart products, i.e. drying chambers, environmental chambers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, ultra-low temperature freezers, cooling systems etc. thus increasing its ability to provide the customer with full service.

EINAV Technologies is a long-term company by vision and essence, and is an essential partner to various companies in the medical, defense, seeds and electronics industries in Israel. Among them: TEVA, Elbit, Hazera Genetics, Novolg and others.

Service & Maintenance support

Our biggest added value for you is our professional service and technical support department. Our team of technicians available for our clients throughout the year and provide professional and reliable service.  Einav Technologies gives maintenance services and repairs as part of annual service contracts in order to maintain the integrity of systems and products.


We are the natural local partner chosen by many overseas manufacturers of air treatment products as humidifiers, freezers, dehumidifiers and other air control products - let us be your local partner as well!

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